Documents Necessary to Have a Passport

Documents Necessary to Get a Passport

First comes the passport, then comes the Excursion.
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Don't begin studying maps for your next, big foreign adventure until you apply for a U.S. passport since this traveling document, issued by the U.S. State Department, may take a month or longer to arrive at your mailbox. You are going to need to wait even longer if you do not submit the appropriate documents and required information. What papers you'll need depends on if you are applying for your first passport or trying to renew a lost or dying one. In any case, you're going to need a check or other means of paying the hefty fees.
The first time you do anything is more difficult than the second or third, and this truism applies to getting a U.S. passport. For your first passport, you will need to fill out more paperwork and create copies of more documentation than for subsequent trips to the passport office.
The first and main document necessary for a first passport is Form DS-11,Application for a U.S. Passport. Fill this form out completely by hand or on the internet and present it in person in the passport office together with all supporting files.


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