How to Go to the Caribbean in an F1 Visa

How to Go to the Caribbean in an F1 Visa 
The F1 visa is a foreign student visa issued to international scholars and students for graduate or undergraduate studies in a university in america. A visitor/tourist visa is valid for use by a foreign citizen primarily visiting the United States for tourism, but also intending to have a brief course for recreational study that is significantly less than 18 hours per week. A class requiring school attendance for 18 hours or a week asks a student visa. This also applies when attending seminars or conferences to get credit towards a degree.
Things You Will Need
Passport with F1 visa postage
Legitimate Form I-20
I-94 card
Supporting financial documentation (for all those beneath post-completion of Optional Practical Training)
Prepare your passport and be sure it has a valid F1 visa stamp to go in and from the United States. According to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, "all air travelers coming into the U.S. in the Caribbean are required to present their passports in U.S. Customs." Your passport has to be valid for at least six months past the afternoon of re-entry to U.S.
Safe a Form I-20 traveling endorsement from your college. This is usually valid for a one-time interval from the date it was signed. For anybody underneath post-completion optional practical training, the issued travel signature is only valid for a six-month interval. Further documents may also be necessary for presentation, including a letter from an employer confirming that you are employed or offered employment and supporting financial documentation.
Make sure you have a legitimate F1 standing, an I-94 marked "Admitted F-1 until D/S" and also have a recent travel signature in your I-20. These have to be managed through your university's international students office or department.
Throughout your journey from the United States to the Caribbean, assess your I-94 card before leaving the inspection area to make certain that it is properly notated with F1, D/S. Your card and passport will be readily returned to you, so you don't need to receive a brand new I-94 card upon re-entry to the usa. Otherwise, if the I-94 card is removed, you must get a brand new one with F1 notation first upon re-entry.
Secure all of your travel documents when coming from the Caribbean into the United States. Upon attaining the U.S. port of entry, show your passport and the rest of your ready travel documents like the Form I-20 and supporting financial documentation to the immigration inspector.


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