Scholarships for Russian Immigrants

Scholarships for Russian Immigrants
Russian immigrants, Russian-American students and kids of Russian-immigrant families can discover financial help for college through many different scholarship programs. Each scholarship publishes its own criteria for software, such as being of Russian heritage or with emigrated from Russia. Moreover, some opportunities are specifically designed to encourage students of both Russian descent and Jewish heritage. Scholarship recipients can use funding sources to pay for conventional college studies or non-degree jobs.
Some grants and scholarships specifically support students whose families emigrated from Russia. Funds may be used in any chosen institution as opposed to a specific college or university. For example, most high-school and college scholarships awarded annually by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) visit students who are the children of European immigrants or are themselves Russian immigrants.
Russian-Jewish Scholarships
Pupils of Russian-Jewish heritage can benefit especially from some scholarship opportunities. For example, the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women spouses with New York City institutions to offer college aid to Russian immigrants studying a number of specialist fields. Some scholarships require faculty and residency requirements. For example, Florida families living in Palm Beach or Martin County may apply for financial help through the Dave Yanis Scholarship Fund. The fund prefers to support students of Jewish background as well as pupils who are themselves Russian immigrants or the children and grandchildren of European immigrants.
Some scholarships are restricted to students attending specific colleges or universities. For example, the Russian-Eurasian Scholarship limits its support to these students in the Department of Economics, Finance, and Urban Studies at East Tennessee State University. Every family should look for community funds to identify school-specific programs that administer scholarships for students of Russian heritage.
Major-Specific Scholarships
Other scholarships encourage Russian or Russian-American students studying a particular topic or entering a specified pro field. For example, in Pittsburgh State University, the Undergraduate Russian Chemistry Scholarship Fund provides financial aid to Russians majoring in chemistry. Recipients may use the funding toward graduate or undergraduate degrees.Opportunities to get Russian-American applicants ought to be researched via the academic division where the student intends to examine.
Numerous programs specifically encourage study of the Russian language, such as those provided by National Security Language Initiative for Youth through the Russian American Foundation. The Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace grants are available through the Middlebury College language programs.
Training and Management Programs
Some programs give scholarships to Russians that are not U.S. citizens but who would prefer to research in the USA and increase their qualifications. By way of instance, the Russian Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service Program provides one-year opportunities for Russians involved in civic affairs or government documents in non-degree applications. Other applications, such as The Ivan V. Koulaieff Educational Fund, support Russian immigrant pupils around the globe.


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