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As soon as you arrive in France you will want to get hold of OFII (they may request that you undertake a health examination). It is a lot more affordable to survive in France than a country like the usa. You might believe that in case you go to France, you will earn a fool of yourself, fail your classes, and must retake a complete semester’s worth of courses as soon as you get home.

study in france in english bachelor

Students may expect emphasis on hands-on knowledge along with their studies. They have a variety of opportunities to gain hospitality experience in Columbia, the largest city in South Carolina. They will gain a better understanding of the political, economic, technological, social and cultural aspects of the hospitality industry. They will also learn to solve complex leadership problems, evaluate a hospitality operation, and gain a deeper understanding of different business operations. Students in hospitality management is going to be equipped with the skills required to implement business development and superior management strategies.

Students will explore the various fundamental ways of organizing hotel work, dependent on the scope of services and products offered and business model. They will learn how work is organized from the perspective of the accounting function, to read and interpret financial statements, and to calculate the costs of the various hotel services. They learn the knowledge and skills to enhance customer service, employee development and the business aspects of hospitality. They will learn about the work organization methods and practices used by hotels to ensure efficient guest reception. They are responsible for ensuring they meet all of the requirements for their degree completion before applying for graduation. They will explore the different types of leadership required of hotel managers in the performance of their duties. Students in hospitality management usually have the chance to get hands-on knowledge in actual hospitality organisations.

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