What Do I Need to Get a Re Entry Visa?

If you are currently in the United States without legal status, then you might be interested in getting a Reentry Visa. The reason you want this visa is that you will be applying for a green card and this visa will allow you to come back into the United States in order to get that application processed. You must be able to prove to the United States that you have not committed any crimes or are here illegally. This visa can be very important for people who are in the United States without legal status and have been caught up in deportation proceedings.

A Reentry Visa is not required of anyone, however there are people who will only be approved for a green card on the basis of an approval for a Reentry Visa. There are some employers who will do this in order to determine if the employee can be trusted enough to work in the United States. A Reentry Visa is also commonly used in cases where someone has lived in the United States illegally and wants to get their status legalized. They might be working in the United States but they need to show the government that they can properly handle themselves in American society and it is better to be on your own than try to get a job while trying to keep yourself safe.

Anyone who is interested in getting a Reentry Visa should find out what paperwork they will need in order to do so. These documents will vary depending on the case and what kind of visas the individual is trying to apply for. There are many Reentry Visa options available for someone who needs to get their status legalized.


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