Internships Abroad – Ethical Issues

Internships abroad are all the rage. The world seems to be a smaller place and we are hearing more about “internship abroad” which can encompass so many different things. Internships overseas can be done at companies, as a student or at government entities like universities. There are several different categories of interns abroad are among the least desirable. In fact, you can get paid very well for interning in an underdeveloped country, but that is not a positive position on international relations.

One thing that can be lost in translation is the ethical issues when interning abroad. Companies that are participating in such programs are recruiting students for various reasons. For example, one organization may be paying a university to train their graduates and bring them back as interns to work in their office. Another group may be paying other groups to offer their interns to the organization. The organizations are responsible for bringing the students back. They are essentially traveling abroad with students who have been offered to them for profit.

The ethical issues here are twofold. The first issue is the perception of legitimacy. If a company pays a local agency to bring people back and then charges them for doing so, then that agency may be causing issues that they are not really supposed to. That company could be breaking the law by offering the employees to the employer without actually knowing if the employees have proper visas or if they can bring them back. If they do not get these things sorted out, then they may not be allowed to return to the United States for various reasons.


Author: studymetro

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