GRE Exam Fee in India

If you are planning to study in India or plan to pursue your doctorate, but you want to know the details of the GRE exam fee in India, then this article is for you. It will be helpful for you to know what are the things that you need to know. The fee of GRE in India is paid through direct bank transfer. This fee is non refundable. You need to pay the fee on the date of test.

The exam fee can be paid using a check, money order or a credit card. This fee is non refundable. You need to mail your request for the fee receipt. The receipt must be printed out and the confirmation page will have your name and contact number. The receipt should also include the amount of fee that has been paid, the date of the exam, the name of the college name, as well as the name of the educational institution where you will be working after getting your degree. You can also provide the telephone number of the school.

The examination fee should be paid in full on the day of the test. If you cannot pay it on time, the GRE exam fee can be paid at a later date. This fee will not be refunded. You will also be required to hand over the original GRE scores to the school. You can take the GRE exam online by applying for the test from your home computer. Before you get the official GRE test in India, you need to contact the Center of Academic Excellence of the GRE for testing facility. The fees of the examination will be collected by the center and the details of the test will be provided to you through the email.


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