Information On Canada Student Visa Requirements

The Canada Student Visa Requirements 2020 is the same as the previous year. You must have a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent. This means you must have completed a full year of full-time studies at an accredited post-secondary institution and you must also have completed any other post-secondary studies that were completed prior to going to study in Canada. You must also have a study permit to stay in Canada for up to six months. Any university, college or trade school course is acceptable. If you plan on studying in another country is willing to sponsor you then you do not need to have a study permit, if you stay for less than six months.

If you get your acceptance letter from your selected University you will need to get a Residence Permit to live in Canada. A residence permit is required for people of a certain age group. You can apply for a resident permit when you arrive in Canada by filling out a form at a Canadian visa office. Once you get your residence permit you will be able to stay in Canada for a specified amount of time, depending on what visa category you are in.

Generally speaking, when applying for a study visa, the first step is to get accepted for a study visa. There are two types of study visas: non-immigrant study permit. Both have their own requirements, but if you do not meet the qualifications for either type of visa you will not be eligible to apply for study. If you want to apply for a non-immigrant study permit you will need to provide a complete financial and personal background check by the Canadian visa office. If you want to apply for an immigrant study permit you will need to show proof of your job, e.g. proof of employment, your work permit or sponsorship agreement will be needed to prove that you are really looking for work and you will also need to show proof of the number of weeks that you have been employed by your employer.


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