Education Fair in Delhi – A Must Watch Event

Education Fair in Delhi is a trade event that takes place twice in a year at the end of June and the beginning of July. This event attracts the attention of various educational institutions that are interested in promoting their activities in the region. The huge turnout of these events at the end of each year proves to be beneficial for the educational institutes as it helps them to expand their network and make friends in the community. In the past, a number of institutes did not opt for such trade fairs as they were very short-lived and did not offer much in terms of exposure. But with the passage of time, the amount of business that was generated on these fairs has increased and made the educational institutes realize that such trade fairs are not only beneficial but also capable of producing profits.

The Education Fair in Delhi is a platform for students, teachers, parents and officials of various educational institutions to interact. It also provides the opportunity for merchants to make new contacts in the region. In the past the fairs have been held at different places in the capital city. For the last three years, they have taken place at the popular K J Gandhi Stadium. In fact, this year’s education fair in Delhi 2020 will be held in the stadium where the previous fair took place in 2020. There are also some other prominent venues in the capital where the educational fairs take place.

Educational centres in the region are not very familiar with what exactly takes place at the trade fairs. To remedy this, several organizations such as Delhi Deccan Gram Yojana, HUBA India, Ideal Academy, The Education Trust of India and others have come up with specific guides to help these institutions in promoting their brand names and increase their visibility in the region. One such guide titled ‘Free Trade Trains’ has been specially designed to help the educational institutions understand the importance of trade fairs and how the knowledge obtained can be put to good use. This guide covers all aspects of fair management including promotional events, advertising strategies, and public relations. The trade fairs provide the companies in the region an opportunity to learn about new things and come up with new strategies in order to make the most out of the exposure. The education fair in Delhi 2020 is expected to be a huge success since the organizers of the event expect a lot of people from the regions to attend.


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