Live and Study Malaysia

The best thing about living and studying in Malaysia is the beautiful weather and the opportunity to enjoy the places you visit. With so many beautiful beaches and mountains you can discover when you arrive in Malaysia, it is hard to find fault with the place. One of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia is Langkawi which is known for being an oasis. Just think of the warm sand under your feet and a fresh breeze. The water is refreshing and the scenery makes the perfect place to relax and be with nature.

live and study malaysia

Traveling to Malaysia is not that difficult, but it does require some planning. You should book your accommodation well in advance, as the hotel’s rooms are often booked as there are so many tourists coming to Malaysia each year. Another important thing to remember is to pack light because you will be using public transport for most of your travels. You can book a car, but it might not be necessary since you will be on a budget. At the airport you will need to know where to catch the shuttle and make sure you have enough money for this.

The country offers many great time of year to visit. You can go to Borneo, if you like the rain forests and the animals. You can also enjoy fishing during the rain season in the sea. While in Malaysia you can also enjoy the splendid Malaysia Motor Show. Shopping in Malaysia is not expensive and you can find anything from antiques to designer clothes. This is another one of the many reasons why people come to live and study in Malaysia.