Study Abroad Consultants in India

Study Abroad Consultants in India (SACI) is an organization which offers its services in a unique way. Their motto is “Supporting Students, Scholars, Teachers and Educators to Strengthen the Developing Communities.” They have a Board of Directors which includes former students, parents, parents’ organizations, government officials, educators, teachers, and the like. Their unique approach to supporting students is due to their integration of the best of Western educational principles and practices. They provide you with all the basic requirements of a study abroad program at an affordable price. The reason they give for this is that they take into consideration all the possible extra expenses such as transportation, housing, living expenses, health care, meals, and more. But these are taken into account after a careful analysis of your needs and financial status.

study abroad consultants in india

These consultants in India offer you an opportunity to explore new horizons, learn about cultures, traditions, and heritage in a variety of different countries through their study abroad programs. And since these consultants in India are based in different cities and country’s they can help you in every aspect of your adventure. They will guide you to meet all your requirements, conduct a thorough search of the particular country you want to study in, plan the study program you need, offer facilities and programs that you want to experience, monitor your progress, and provide support in times of emergencies. You can also book for the air ticket to the destination, plan the travel budget and arrange for the accommodations. The only thing that you need to do is to make a commitment to yourself to go out there and do it.

Study Abroad Consultants in India has more than fifty branches and it has gained popularity by establishing alliances with companies and educational institutions in different countries. It has programs for children and adults who want to study abroad and it provides exceptional service at a fraction of the cost of education abroad. With the programs available, you are guaranteed not only to get full-time but part-time, short-term or long-term programs. Moreover, as you speak more about your interests and so we take care of all your doubts and concerns regarding your studies in other countries. With the programs and packages offered by the consultant’s in India, you can have a wonderful trip of a lifetime.


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