How Can I Get a Chemical Engineering Placement Abroad?

chemical engineering placements abroad

How Can I Get a Chemical Engineering Placement Abroad?

As an industrial chemist, you have likely seen and heard about many chemical engineering placements abroad. While it may be true that these are available only to those with certain degrees, some do have the requisite qualifications. While in the U.S., one can work in a variety of companies, this may not be possible for individuals who have achieved graduate or doctorate degrees in chemistry. Those with a bachelor’s degree may still be able to find jobs and seek academic advancement through online programs at the University of Florida, the California Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts, University of Maryland and others.

For those that have other interests, there are also programs offered by community colleges and universities that focus on chemical engineers. The classes are similar to regular courses but with more emphasis on chemistry. There are also many online schools and colleges that are affiliated with these specific organizations. These schools and colleges offer classes that allow people to receive certification from the program as well as gaining credits towards earning a degree in chemistry. Of course, all of these programs do require a high school diploma or GED or some type of high school equivalency. Some of these will even require applicants to complete a clinical placement as well.

If you get started early enough, you may be able to qualify for some positions sooner than you would if you waited until later. Take time to study and apply for an available position in the field. By applying, you are actually increasing your chances of getting hired as the industry is already starting to fill positions in advance. The competition is fierce for these jobs, but with the right education and the right training, you can get a position in the future. Chemical engineering placements abroad are definitely one of the best options.


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