Australia Study Visa Requirements

Australia study visa requirements can be difficult to work out. In general, an Australian studying in another country will need to have either a ‘Study’ visa or a ‘Residence’ visa. The study visa is given to students of a foreign university and is a precursor to a student visa, which allows a student to stay in the country for longer periods. Both these visas require a fee to be paid before the student can enter the country. The student’s bank account must be verified as being in good standing with the government before their application can be approved. Students are only allowed to study up to three months in any one country. Students who wish to study outside the country must leave the country immediately after their course is completed.

Students on the ‘study’ visa may be eligible for a temporary residence permit if they spend less than six months in the country. This permit allows the student to stay in the country as long as they want to without paying a fee. The ‘study’ visa is normally only given to students who are currently studying in Australia. However, students who have previously studied in the country may apply for a ‘study’ visa as long as they return to school once the course has finished. It is also possible to enter the country on the ‘study’ visa but study abroad without paying the fee, provided you are returning to study at a university or other post-secondary institution within Australia.

There are several different visa types that an Australian student can apply for and are generally worth considering when applying for a study visa. The following are some of the most common visa types: ‘Work’ visa; ‘Study’ visa; and ‘Temporary Visa’. They are all valid for a period of one year and students can work, study, or stay for two years on the visa depending on their circumstances.


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