Marriage Advice For Women Who Wanted to Save Their Relationship

‘We all know that God made man " and made them in his own image.’ All this is true, but I suppose not all men understand the inalienable rights that God gave to the woman. The woman is also a human being just like the man, with her own mind, and feelings. I am one of those women that has a problem, because I love so much and I cannot stand to see what we are doing to each other.


It’s too bad, because if I had more time I would teach the man more about what the Bible says about relationships, and marriage. It’s not like he was a child when we first met. I was worried about him, because he didn’t seem to be taking care of himself or how to take care of her. The fact is, that if I didn’t have this problem, I might be able to take care of my daughter. If I didn’t take her out on dates with different men on the weekends, I would be free to do something else for my husband. So, it’s about time I started showing him more about God’s word.

If you want to stop this discussion and start changing the things that you are doing to each other, there is only one way to do it, and that is to start praying. There are so many Christian women who believe that God will change everything for them. I believe that everyone that God created had his or her part to play in the life of God. You only have to think back to how our entire civilization was created. All of us had our parts to play, and that’s why it’s so wonderful to be married.


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