Information About Global Summer Internship

global summer internship

Information About Global Summer Internship

Taking part in the Global Summer Internship Program is a great way to gain valuable experience and knowledge while giving back to the community. This is a wonderful opportunity for an individual to fulfill an internship requirement while having fun at the same time. Interns are able to take on roles ranging from administrative, teaching and research. In many instances, the summer interns can enjoy living and working in their host country, which allows them to fully immerse themselves in the culture of that country.

The Global Summer Internship Program is a non-profit organization that coordinates a series of internships throughout the United States and Canada. For each program, there is usually an international component. Many interns are sent to live and work in a foreign country for the summer, to make the experience a truly global one. Those who are interested in participating in this program should make sure they contact their recruitment officer in order to be considered for the appropriate program. Upon accepting the program, the Global Summer Internship will send out a comprehensive application package. All applications for the program should be submitted via e-mail to the college or university directly related to the program that is seeking an intern.

The Global Summer Internship Program is only open to students who are either attending or have graduated from a US high school or middle school. International students who have completed their high school education may participate, but will need to complete their GED or the equivalent in their host country’s language before taking part in the program. The program requires that all students submit a detailed academic transcript, medical exam and a passport if applying to work in a foreign country. If accepted into the program, students will attend school full time and will remain eligible for federal and institutional scholarships and loans, as well as numerous other resources for which students can apply.


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