Postgraduate Studies in France

Graduate and postgraduate studies in France can provide an opportunity to travel, work and learn a new language. This country was formerly part of the ancient Roman Empire. The French language is highly developed with many words having similarities to English. This gives it an English flavour, making French quite different from other languages around the world. The modern culture is characterized by its aggressive national identity and many words have English roots. Part of this identity is the Francophone culture and tradition. When talking about postgraduate studies in France, you should bear in mind that you will learn a lot about the French language and also more about modern culture in France.

You may choose to pursue your Master’s degree in French language or you may opt for a PhD in French. The higher level doctoral degrees are often pursued by more advanced students because they require advanced skills and knowledge in the field of language study. In addition, doctoral research in this field requires specialized expertise in all aspects of language. Thus, the PhD degree coursework also includes both linguistic and cultural study. Graduate and postgraduate studies in France may require a postdoctoral position at some time in your career.

The number of universities in France is quite impressive. You may find postgraduate studies in France at the Universities of Lyon, Paris, Nancy, Marseille, Perpignan, Valenciennes, Orly, Troyes, Toulouse, etc. There are also small-towns that offer postgraduate studies in France. These schools are also quite reputable because of their location, and the way in which they conduct their studies. To mention only a few of them, there are the Sorbonne in Paris, the Geneva University in Switzerland, Toulouse University in France, the Lujoise University in Portugal, the Universiteit Kaapen in the Netherlands, the Nantes School of Languages in France, etc. These are just a few among many. Indeed, there is a great demand for postgraduate studies in France.


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