Top 5 Universities in Ireland

top 5 universities in ireland

Top 5 Universities in Ireland

A lot of people, on the face of it, do not think that there is much to go by when it comes to determining the top five universities in Ireland. So many people assume that they have a high standard of education when in reality you have the most prestigious institutions available when it comes to educational excellence. This is because they are constantly striving to get the best out of each of their students and continue to improve upon their standards for excellence. A lot of universities in Ireland also have training programs in order to get individuals well prepared for the workplace. In order to determine the top five universities in Ireland you should also keep in mind that there are two types of universities that are available, state supported universities and private.

The Irish system of education was mostly state funded and then a bit later on private financing. Private funding for universities came into existence with the establishment of the University of Limerick in 1885. After this, a lot of other institutions such as Trinity College Dublin were established. You can now find a number of major courses available to study including English, Maths, Science, Law, History, Art, etc.

Some of the top universities in Ireland also make use of the teaching resources to which other institutions often buy from elsewhere. Some of the world renowned institutions in Ireland include: University College Cork, University College Galway, University College Dublin, NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway, UCD, University College London, Queen’s University Belfast, etc. If you want to study in Ireland then there are a number of courses that you could look at including Drama, Music, English, History, Arts, Business and Science. Some universities also have extremely good student life while others provide facilities for activities.