Top Universities in New Zealand For MBA Entrance Examination

Top Universities in New Zealand For MBA Entrance Examination, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the most sought after university. Its main campus is located on Boston, MA, while the adjacent suburban campuses are located in Cambridge, MA. It was founded in the year 1891 as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was established by John Harvard. The present list of esteemed Harvard graduates includes Martin Luther King Jr., who received his undergraduate degree from Harvard. Besides, it has produced like a host of illustrious people including John Kerry, Robert McNamara, Rex Tillerson, George Shultz, Harold Ickes, Samuel Insull, Joseph Nye, Brian Pell, Ellen Tauscher, William Daley, James Rospars, Gerald Corrigan, Peter Drucker, James Roper, Jeffrey Immelt, Thomas Duffy, Susan Nazarian, Stephen A. Schwarzman, Ted Sorenson, Samuel Schulman, Barbara Polk, Joseph Weizenbaum, Alan F. Durning, Frank Dewey, Steven M. Walt, Paul E. Singer, Christopher J. Blake, Mark B. Lemley, Gregory L. Nichols, Robert G. Putman, Lenny A. Wiebel, Richard G. Scott, Mary Nell Turner, Roy J. Ellis, Harold L. Thompson, Nancy Schadler, Susan C. Hoh, Eric Benenati, Vernon E. Lewis, William H. Zumbrun, Eugene O’Donnell, Donald B. Hemphill, Harry M. Blumenthal, John C. O’Connor, Kenneth A. Ginty, Milton O. Cohen, and Michael F. Gerber. Harvard University – The College Entrance Exam (commonly called “the MCAT”) is another important aspect that a prospective MBA candidate should be aware of.

The Test, which is known as the Ph.D. Exam is given to prospective PhD candidates. These are very competitive exams, and all research universities in New Zealand for MBA applicants take the test. The number of institutions administering this test varies, with some of them offering the test as a part of their normal curriculum while others offer the exam online. Whether the test will be administered in person or over the Internet is up to the potential candidate.

There are many good reasons why the MBA applicants prefer to take the exam online. First of all, since there is no face-to-face encounter between the candidate and the examiner, this helps to improve the candidates’ comfort level. In addition, the candidate gets a chance to work at his own pace, compared to a traditional examination where all the candidates are tested the same day. That being said, if a candidate can afford it, he or she should definitely consider submitting his or her test to multiple institutions, especially for top universities in New Zealand for MBA applicants.


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