Visa Policy on Overseas Students and Australian Student Visa Restrictions

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Visa Policy on Overseas Students and Australian Student Visa Restrictions

The latest news about Visa and Australian Student Visa Information is that the latest decision of the Australian Government to stop issuing student visas to students from the Middle East and some other predominantly Muslim countries. The Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop issued a statement saying “I’m extremely disappointed and concerned by the new Australian Government’s decision to suspend the processing of student visas to nationals of certain countries,” she said in the statement. She goes on to say, “The government is doing what it can to keep Australia safe and protect the Australian people. In addition to the above it is essential that we ensure we continue to attract the brightest and the best to our country.”

It is understood that the new minister’s statement is an election bluster and nothing more than that. We are to believe that one more push by the Christian Lobby will have the visa ban implemented. Why on earth would they want to reduce their own immigration quota, it seems like they are deliberately trying to hurt the Christian community by lowering the Australian immigration quota to cater for all their immigration demands. This is Australia after all, we don’t need that.

Instead, of them over reacting I would suggest the new Australian Government implement some guidelines on new visa restrictions. For example have each country allowed their nationals to study at least a year on Australian soil? If not then perhaps there should be some automatic halving of visa approvals, also perhaps increase the processing times for Australia’s Visa Program. These are only suggestions of course, but it would be nice to know before hand. Please consider all this in 2020.


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