Design Internships Abroad

Design internships abroad can be an exciting opportunity for students to learn about international trade, markets and business. Interns get the chance to participate in presentations by some of the world’s most prestigious brands and attend product testing and evaluation sessions with leading international brands. In addition, intern students have the opportunity to provide advice and insight to their American colleagues, both in meetings and via emails. They also get to have a first hand experience in foreign countries, speaking to their customers, interacting with expatriates and gaining experience in their native tongue.

Internships abroad allow for exposure to the different cultures and lifestyles of other people in the international economy. Students are put into situations where they are asked to think outside the box. They are given the chance to share and interact with the top companies in the US as well as those in other countries. Interns also get to speak to executives from start-up and high-tech businesses. It is a unique learning experience that helps them find the right kind of job upon graduation.

Internships abroad allow students to work with different nationalities, cultures and languages. These internships enable graduates to come across as people of diverse backgrounds, rather than someone who speaks a common language. Interns also benefit from the fact that they will be getting real world experience in a foreign country, including knowing a new culture, so they are more equipped to deal with daily life in the future.


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