Choosing the Right Booth at the Dawn Education Expo

The Dawn Education Expo is the largest education trade show of its kind. The biggest advantage of this exhibition is that it is a world-class event held annually in New York. With the presence of prominent speakers and exhibitors, educators, lecturers, businesses, industry leaders, companies, and industry prospects have come together to make new business and ideas. The themes of this conference are innovative learning, education, collaboration, and innovation. Each one of the themes is strategically planned to put together exhibitors and professionals from a wide range of industries and professions.

From the booth exhibitors to the seminar participants, all have their own needs. These needs include such things as training sessions and workshops, computer demonstrations, business seminars, online seminars, leadership development programs, workshops, self-guided tour, interactive displays, business presentations, media briefings, parent and teacher panels, expert consultations, press conferences, and more. So the question is: how do we find out which booths and exhibits are worth our time? The answer is in the hands of the professionals. They determine which booths are worth our time based on the following factors: location, sponsor, availability, and function. Also, it’s imperative to note that the Dawn Education Expo is open to the public.

There are some types of booths that require a larger budget while others will be fine with a more reasonable price. The Pavilion of Teachers is an example of the latter type. This is a special type of booth, that is basically a temporary exhibit, because most teachers at this expo usually take part in workshops, conferences, workshops, or training. If your goal is to sponsor your own exhibit, then a very affordable option is the umbrella booth, it’s an ideal option for those who are new to the booth exhibit business. And lastly, it is important to know that the Dawn Education Expo is very affordable, because there are a number of sponsors and sponsorships programs are available to the public.


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