Universities in Europe That Teach in English Undergraduate Level

There are some of the leading universities in Europe that teach in English at the undergraduate level. There are others that do this as well but they can’t provide an equivalent education to that provided by the European institutions. If you are looking for a good University to attend and for a post graduate diploma in English Language then you will have to do some research. Here is a list of the universities in Europe that teach in English as a postgraduate language:

Loughborough University – Loughborough is a very prestigious university in England that offers degree programs in many fields. Some of the courses that are taught in English include human sciences, humanities, modern languages, accounting, law, philosophy, psychology, and applied physics. They also offer English as a foreign language (EEE), which is the second highest language in the world after Spanish. EE degrees at Loughborough enable students to pursue their foreign languages in various countries across the globe.

The University of Warwick – In addition to being one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, this school also offers degrees in a number of fields including business, medicine, education, communication, and human sciences. Warwick is also famous for its undergraduate program that teaches in English as a foreign language (EEFL). These degrees in EEFL are taught by university professors who can interact with students in their native language. The courses offered are usually cross-listed with other courses so that students will have the opportunity to study other academic subjects as well. The University of Warwick’s degree programs in English Language are widely recognized throughout the world.


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