F1 Visa Duration and Its Applicability

F1 visa duration is one of the most important aspects of the immigration. Most of the countries do not issue visas for F1 or for an individual who is not residing in this country for more than six months. Most of the countries, particularly those who are making visas in such a fast pace, find difficulty in dealing with individuals who don’t meet their residency requirement but they do not deny the possibility of an individual who does not reside in the country for more than six months.

Most of the countries have restrictions on the F1 visa duration and visa holders are supposed to be present here for more than six months. If an individual doesn’t meet the six-month residency requirement then he is not allowed to apply for an F1 visa. On the other hand, if an individual doesn’t have the permission from the government or from a consulate to be present in the country then he will be unable to get the F1 visa. Usually the F1 visa duration is determined by various factors like profession, profession location and economic status.

There are many individuals who have been issued with F1 visa duration which is mainly according to their occupation. There are a lot of professions that has a possibility of receiving F1 visa duration. If an individual’s occupation is a management position in the IT industry then he will be granted F1 visa duration as per his profession. If an individual is a consultant or an entrepreneur then he can also get F1 visa duration. Other than these there are some other professions that don’t require any type of F1 visa duration. These professionals, who are planning to visit the United States for various reasons can either apply for an F2 visa or can opt for a temporary visa.


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