Studying Nursing in New Zealand

Although learning to become a registered nurse in New Zealand will be expensive, it is quite possible to get a bachelor’s degree on the side while you are taking your associate’s degree in New Zealand, or you could start as an ICT trainee on the weekends while you are studying full time. In order to do this, you’ll need to either apply for scholarship money through your New Zealand university or you can search for information online about grants and loans available to students who cannot afford to go straight into the nursing profession. These programs are usually for students who have had to postpone their studies due to their job and do not pay back the student loan until they have received their nursing certificate.

There are also many scholarships available through local organisations, government bodies and private foundations in New Zealand. Some of these are based on academic performance but some are based on having family members that have had to seek employment in the nursing profession. In addition, there are numerous student loans available to students in the nursing profession to help with the cost of education as well as accommodation and tuition fees. All of these programs are open to all regardless of nationality or income.

Whether you decide to study nursing in New Zealand on the side or as a regular course, make sure that you work very hard in the four years prior to applying for your nursing qualification, because the exam is the most important part of the process. In the event that you do not pass your examination, the nursing profession will not give you a second chance to try again and in some cases, it could mean being refused a nursing degree. Getting your first degree after a period of deferred work and getting a job on the side may not be easy but the rewards are well worth it.


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