Learn French and Work in France

The choice to learn French and work in France is a very enticing one. If you do decide to go this route, there are some things that you should know. The first of these things is the cost. While it’s true that you can get a wonderful life by learning French and moving to France, the cost will get you nowhere near the kind of life that you’re hoping for.

A French immersion school can set you back tens of thousands of dollars to study and to have your education. And remember, if you get it wrong you will be back in your home country at best. This will take years to perfect and you may not be ready for it when you graduate. This may seem crazy but it’s true. You must first be an adult to be able to live and work in France. This is a large step for any adult and they are just not ready for it. So, learning French and then applying for a visa in order to become a resident in France is a great way to begin.

You can also go about studying and working in France the same way as before, you just won’t be learning French and you won’t be learning French at all. It is recommended to consider this method because it will give you a taste of living in a foreign country. Learning the language is going to take time, so it makes sense to try to avoid that as much as possible. But then again, you’ll be learning a language that’s very similar to your native language and it’s something that’s going to help you learn French in time. You can then decide what works best for you and your needs.


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