Nursing Jobs in Canada Without IELTS

Many people want to work for different nursing organizations that have the need for nurses but do not have the qualification for nursing jobs in Canada without IELTS. It is true that people from any country that is willing to do the work can get such jobs but what is important here is that they can learn the language of nursing so that they can carry out their job effectively. Those who want to work as nurses should know the basics of the Canadian nursing standards and not leave it until it becomes very difficult for them to carry out their work. The English language is the lingua franca of today’s world and there are many organizations or groups in Canada that provide nursing jobs in Canada without IELTS.

First you have the Canadian Nursing Services, CBMS or the Canadian Bar Exam Board for Registered Nurses. This organization does not focus on the requirement of IELTS, only on the general knowledge of nursing. If you want to be able to get the jobs as nurses then you need to pass the Canadian nursing examination. The Association of Health Information Management Professionals (AHIMP) offers a regular test for the nursing professionals to prove that they have the right knowledge of the standards of nursing. These associations also ensure that people who practice nursing have the right credentials that can help them get jobs in Canada without IELTS.

If you have passed the CBMS test you will then have to join the Canadian Medical Protective Service (CMPS). This organization is also non-requiring for IELTS. They only ask you to pass the national board exam. If you want to start the learning process, you can go to the medical school and take the English proficiency tests that will help you gain the knowledge of the English language. You can also enroll yourself in a course that provides the courses in nursing without IELTS.


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