Financial Aid For International Students Studying in Australia

Student finance international students in Australia are offered different types of financial aid, ranging from individual scholarships to need-based financial aid. If you’re a foreign student studying in Australia, you’ll need to choose the financial aid package that best suits your needs. While scholarships and student loans will definitely help, you’ll find there are other ways to obtain the funds you need to attend university and you’ll be able to study while you’re there.

Students at Australian universities can borrow money from their school or the Federal Government through government and private lending institutions. There are also grants offered to eligible Australian students each year. These are for those who have a limited income and that require additional financial assistance. The Government also offers student loans for international students, which can be used to pay for tuition fees, textbooks, living expenses, and any other costs associated with studying in Australia. Most banks and lending institutions offer these loans to Australian students on the basis of the FEE-HELP financial aid metric.

Another way to get aid to study in Australia is through scholarship programs. You’ll find several types of scholarship available from local schools and non-government organizations. There are also government funding programs offered by Australian government departments and non-profit agencies.


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