IELTS Or TOEFL For US Collegesand Universities

IELTS and TOEFL are a basic entrance exam for most international universities and colleges, but the question is, if you have an IELTS or TOEFL score that’s below the minimum, do you still have a chance? This article explores the issue and reveals the low scores that do not qualify you for admission. As far as English courses are concerned, there is really no such thing as the lowest possible score. Keep in mind that the higher the score, the better the chances of admission, so I recommend taking the time to investigate this aspect of your qualifications.

It’s true that not every institution would have required you to sit for the TOEFL. However, if you happen to have scored below the minimum required score for your own admission, you will not be able to take your entrance exam. I’ve been told that if your score is lower than the minimum, you could not be admitted. This means that your best bet is to research your skills in the two different tests and make sure you have at least the minimum for admission. There’s no sense wasting the time and effort for which you’ve done all the right things in terms of preparing, if the door won’t be opened for you.

The answer is yes; many colleges and universities would require you to sit for the IELTS. Unfortunately, they don’t look into your TOEFL scores, since they will assume that you didn’t pass the TOEFL. However, I’ve been told that some institutions do look into your IELTS scores, but only the first one (which is the subject of this article). This means that if you really want to go to school in the United States, and your IELTS score is below the minimum, you can still get in. Just make sure you have at least one semester of your original course work in the United States and then take the TOEFL.


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