Italian Medical Schools in Europe

The largest number of medical schools in Europe are found in Italy. It is one of the countries that have been producing graduates since the ancient times and has never lost its status as a cultural powerhouse. This country has four medical colleges and four hospital schools and has six hospitals for a total of twelve medical institutions. All these medical institutions are internationally recognized. Italy is a country that is dedicated to the welfare of the sick and the vulnerable and this is the reason why these hospitals are open round the clock on five days each week. Besides all this Italy has also contributed a lot in the field of medical science through its continued patronage of the European research institutions.

It is said that Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra state is one of the places in the world where the health of the people is at par with the best in the world. This is the reason why medical science is at par with this country. Mumbai has developed several medical schools in India. The famous medical college of Indian Medical Association (IMA) is located in Mumbai. The IMA is an all-India medical college that trains the students of the government medical service doctors, IPS and Directorate General of Health Services in all the branches of the medicine. There are various types of post-graduate medical courses and the only specialty area of the medical school of IMA is obstetrics.

To attract students to medical courses in Mumbai the Board of Management is offering special packages like Hindi, German, Chinese and English classes. It offers technical courses such as pathology, biomedical engineering, emergency medicine and nursing. There are numerous medical schools in India and the India Medical Council has regulations regarding the education of candidates for IMA courses. It provides rules and regulations for the admission of foreign students into the IMA courses.


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