Learning In a Fun and Informative Environment

express education expo

Learning In a Fun and Informative Environment

You will find numerous products, services and materials displayed at the Express Education Expo. You can witness impressive displays by leading distributors of educational tools, equipments and products. You can learn about the latest updates in teaching devices, how to control behavior problems, products for self-esteem and social skills, art and craft tools for both young and adults, how to learn any subject through reading, and many more. Aside from these, there are also classroom tools that you can use for teaching such as science kits, computer solutions, games, yoga and exercise mats, chalkboards, lanyards, card and flash drives, binders, journals, reading materials, group projects, training modules, awards, graphic organizers, print materials, kid sizes, notebooks, and so on.

The best part of the Express Education Expo is that you do not have to be an educator to gain benefit from it. Anyone can attend the event with a membership for free. The Exchange of Ideas Society provides this opportunity for people of all ages, genders and even career paths to network, share ideas and exchange ideas about education, technology and business. The venue of the expo is just an hour away from London by means of high-speed train. You can easily travel to this venue by spending just a few hours from home by yourself.

To further promote the express education, the company has launched several social media applications, apps and interactive media solutions for educators to enjoy. Some of these include Facebook, MyFace, Skype, Line, Twitter, YouTube, iD, Buzz, and Skype. The Express Education has also set up a website, where educators can sign up for a free account. All you need to do is submit your contact details, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. Students can also take advantage of an educational travel solution where they can gain benefits by joining the ILEs – International Living Educational Travel System.


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