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When you apply for a Polish study visa, you are taking the important step to start a new life in the country. Poland is known as a beautiful country with many top notch attractions. You have the opportunity to live in the largest country in Europe and its capital city of Warsaw is known for being the city of a million roses. There are many world class museums, amazing churches, and stunning castles. If you have been blessed enough to visit the country, you may want to try some of the local dishes as well. This is an excellent time to take advantage of your Polish study visa and study some of the delicious Polish food.

poland study visa

Poland’s rich and varied tradition of food means that many tourists flock to the country each year to sample the best of the Polish cuisine. Some of the most popular courses are pierogi, which are small stuffed and filled pastries, and sauerkraut, which are a cabbage derivative with unique taste and strong German influence. Polish food in general is sumptuous and hearty. It combines farm-fresh ingredients and blends them together to create a unique flavor. You can try a range of traditional dishes from seasoned meat and potatoes to seafood, and vegetable dishes.

You can also find a wide range of appetizers and snacks during your trip, making it a tasty meal or even snack anytime of the day. If you are not so much interested in a formal meal, it is still easy to indulge in the country’s exquisite cuisine. Even if you do not plan on staying in Poland for the whole summer, you may still find something to fill up your stomach. Don’t forget to consider the country’s great weather and beautiful beaches for a luxurious vacation.


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