Temple University Study Abroad

temple university study abroad

Temple University Study Abroad

Temple University Study Abroad is one of the best undergraduate institutions that offer study abroad. Students can choose from a variety of different study programs in places like the Philippines, China, Greece, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, the US, the UK, Russia, and Singapore. It would not be surprising to find a bright student here. With a professional faculty, world-class location, and affordability, this is a great place for students to study abroad. Temple University Study Abroad is not only about tuition and accommodation costs but it’s also about getting together with friends and gaining invaluable life experiences.

A student can choose the Philippines as their destination for your college journey. Philippines has been called the Asia’s “sunny island”. Temples high-quality tuition and affordable accommodations make it a favorite destination for high school students. The most well-known universities like the University of Santo Tomas and San Beda College are here. The campus is also big enough for you to explore the beauties of the island in all its glory.

China is another great university. You could be living on campus or exploring on your own at night. Chinese universities have plenty of course options for you to choose from. Be sure to make time to have fun and meet new people. Learning from fellow peers will help you succeed later on. Temple University Study Abroad will help you realize your dreams and goals of a fulfilling career abroad.