Best Political Science Universities in Europe

best political science universities in europe

Best Political Science Universities in Europe

So, what are the best political science universities in Europe? Here is my list of top 10. The list doesn’t include any graduate schools or professional programs in Europe but includes universities and colleges that offer political science degrees, along with some that provide general studies in political theory and public policy. Most of these institutions are highly regarded by students and are ranked very high in national university rankings. In order to see where these institutions are ranked, click on the links below to see rankings for each institution.

The University of Pennsylvania. Perhaps the largest and oldest university in the United States, the University of Pennsylvania has a strong political science program. It is ranked as the number one political science school in the country by US News and World Report. The School of Public Policy and Administration has recently added a graduate program in political science. A separate graduate program in political science and public policy was added in the fall of 2020. You can check out the entire ranking on the U.S. News website., University of London. Another University of London university, this one is a bit more obscure. It is ranked number twenty-six in the world for overall quality, but has been ranked as the number ten university in Europe for graduate programs in political science. Some of the highest rankings were earned by this program and school in 2020.


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