Rejected Student Visa – How to Apply Again For Your Student Visa

The student visa process for studying in Australia is a lengthy and confusing affair. It takes as long as six months to get a visa before you have to leave the country and start your study. You then have to reapply for your visa, which can take a month or more, and that process is only done once, as opposed to multiple times for a work visa. Of course, when you apply for a student visa, you also need to give evidence of the actual cost of your accommodation and any other expenses that you are aware of. It’s no wonder that many people who need to study in Australia will have to skip this step.

australia student visa process

So what do you do if you’ve had your application for a student visa rejected, especially if you are in Australia on an extended trip? The simple answer is that you can reapply again for a visa. In order to apply again, all you need to do is apply with the embassy in your home country.

The embassy in your home country will provide you with advice on the next step in the Australia student visa process and you can simply walk out the door. This, however, is not advisable as you still need to prove that you are genuinely going to be in Australia for that period of time. The appeal of a student visa is that you have a period of time to go to school, get your qualification, study for some time, and then return home – this time limit means that you won’t have to put any money towards the visa process.


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