Education System – Does the Canadian Education System Need Improvement?

education system in canada

Education System – Does the Canadian Education System Need Improvement?

There is a serious problem with the education system in Canada. More students are quitting school because of the poor teaching quality and high dropout rates. Our curriculum is overly theoretical and lacking in opportunities for students to use their creative and critical thinking skills. This short article discusses how the failing education system in Canada impacts children, why we need to improve our education system, and what can be done to address the problem.

The government of Canada says that the problems in our education system are only limited to teachers and parents. However, research has shown that children are also affected by the bad teaching practices. It has been said that these problems are the result of a lack of funding for public education. In many schools, teachers are forced to teach outdated material or even start classes with materials from the 1970s. The lesson plans in many classrooms are so overwhelming that they do not allow children to make good decisions or follow instructions. These children are completely unprepared for the curriculum and the future when they leave school.

Teachers play an important part in the success of the next generation, but it is the parents who are supposed to be providing the support that is missing in schools. There is a shortage of qualified teachers in Canada, but this is not the fault of teachers. Not enough parents are willing to take responsibility for their child’s education. Most parents simply want the best for their children and this often results in mediocre teaching methods and ineffective learning environments. The education system in Canada is very bad. Teachers and parents need to step up and help out. The children of Canada deserve better.