Facon Education Fair 2020

Facon Education Fair is a one day event that was organized by the students, teachers and parents who are residing in Middle East countries and other far-flung places. This event has been organized to give importance to the teaching of Arabic language and Arabic as a foreign language by preparing the future generations of these countries. The country needs to be nurtured through education that is why it was organized by the students and teachers. It is a goodwill oriented event and attracts many people from different parts of the world. In fact, several universities and institutions of learning have participated in facon fair. Most of the universities that are affiliated with American Universities participate in the event because it brings in a huge amount of donations.

Several stalls were set up at fan fair. There were multiple students, teachers and parents with various things to sell or to display. These items were Arabic newspapers and books. Arabic maps and atlases were displayed. Arabic jute bags were also sold at this fair. Arab women were selling traditional dresses and aprons. Arabic music instruments, fabrics, pottery and cloths were also sold here.

Atlases, Arabic books, alphabets, bookmarks, Qurans, and many other kinds of literature were exhibited in different stalls. There were also various handicrafts. Handicrafts are things like masks, embroidery, embroidered attires, and tapestries. There were also beautiful and elegant handicrafts displayed there. These handicrafts were offered by the students and teachers of different institutions of learning. There were also exhibitors from different part of the world. This exhibit offered different kinds of handicrafts like China plates, pots, pottery, leather clothing, handicrafts, and embroidery work.


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