Public Universities in Ireland

public universities in ireland

Public Universities in Ireland

There are two main types of public universities in Ireland. The first type of university is privately owned, which makes up the majority of universities in Ireland. They are based in Galway, Cork, Dublin, Waterford, and Kilkenny. This type of university normally has a focus on teaching, as well as providing extensive research funding for their students.

Public universities in Ireland also consist of specialist colleges that offer degrees in subjects which cannot be learned in other schools or colleges in Ireland. This does not mean that they do not offer high quality education, but rather, that they offer it within an environment where the learning process is less rigid and therefore more conducive to learning. One example of this is through the association of County Academies in Ireland. This association has branches in five counties and is affiliated with three further counties. It offers education from a variety of different schools, colleges, and universities, meaning that each student has a diverse choice of universities to go to when it comes to education.

The second type of public university in Ireland is the one that is found in towns and cities. These universities are usually free-standing establishments, as they are often being run by the local government or with the help of private donors. These types of universities do not have the resources to offer research funding, nor do they have the size to support more traditional types of studies. Instead, they concentrate on delivering courses such as accounting, accounting and bookkeeping, which is important because it does not have the same type of application process as most other professions. Furthermore, this type of school means that the competition for students is far greater, so it is important that they are good at producing graduates that will be able to compete and succeed in their chosen career fields.


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