Study Abroad Summer Guide

I wanted to share with you a tip on studying abroad during the summer. As a first year college student studying abroad for the summer has always been something that I’ve wanted to do, but it always seemed too long and expensive. A friend of mine actually found out about it from reading an article on it and he made a deal with me to take a gap year with him. It wasn’t really a deal since I would get away on the weekends, but it was a great way to find out about how it really works. Here’s what I found out…

You’ll be studying at a different country than you normally would, which can be difficult. Usually they are a few hours ahead of your usual classes. For a college student like me, this means going back every weekend for the entire summer. Also, there are a lot of people, like you, who are part of the university study abroad program. You usually only have a few months at each place. I didn’t mind that much because I already knew the students would be nice and friendly. It was just a little odd that we were all taking classes together in the same room.

The vacations and vacation time don’t even count because that’s considered part of the program. You can be off campus during the school year, but the school needs you to come back and stay through the summer. Most schools don’t provide any other options, so you have to make the best of it. Even though it may seem like there’s nothing to do at all during the summer, there are several activities. You get to go hiking, swim, go horseback riding, surf, go skiing, or just hang out by the pool. They just book it and you’re on your way.


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