Where to Go For an MBA in New Zealand

With the growing number of M.B.A. schools in New Zealand, it can be difficult to pick a place that will provide you with the right kind of training. By deciding on the wrong school, you could end up wasting your time and money. Fortunately, there are many good New Zealand M.B.A. schools that have an excellent reputation.

Before you make a final decision on which school to attend, make sure you spend time online looking at schools that can help you with your M.B.A. In New Zealand, there are four main types of schools that offer MBA degrees. The first is the traditional Ivy League type school. These schools include Columbia, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania. Most of these schools will require you to complete a year or two of full-time studies before you can apply for a M.B.A. degree, although some of them may take you less time. While the time commitment is longer, you’ll probably be more satisfied with this type of program, and the opportunities that you’ll have once you graduate will be much better than those offered by most other schools.

Next, you have regional universities, such as Victoria University of Wellington, and Massey University. If you’re willing to go further away, you can look at the many schools that are only ten to twenty minutes away. If you decide to visit some of these schools and make an application for a degree in business, you may not get into the school that you want. Even if you do, you may not find the level of support that you need. Third, you have technical universities, such as Canterbury University, and Auckland University. These are very good schools that offer a more traditional business degree.


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