Why Some Medical Schools in Europe Teach in English

Some medical schools in Europe to teach their students in English, while others do not. The main reason for this is the economic situation in some European countries. Medical services in many countries are provided through private practitioners who do not offer English speaking services. The fact that a lot of the jobs are going to Asia has played its part as well. In those areas where English is not an official language, it makes sense to learn the language when seeking a job with one of the large multinational corporations.

medical schools in europe taught in english

However, the situation has changed for the better and most medical schools in Europe are now offering a full English curriculum. Many medical staff members now speak English fluently. This has created a career opportunity for those students who speak only one or two languages. The choice of the language should not be dictated by the ability to speak another language. It is far more important to learn all of the important medical lingo in order to practice medicine competently. One can become fluent in multiple languages, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one is capable of writing and speaking in any of those languages.

The number of schools in Europe that teaching in English is growing. There are also more colleges in Europe that offer programs in English. It is up to each institution to decide if it wants to offer classes in English as a second language. If a school will not offer an English program, it may be difficult to get into the program at a post secondary institution. There are also online medical programs available in which the students take the program on their own time. This can save a student money, but it might not be worthwhile if one is not a medical professional.