Australia Work and Study Program

The Australian Work and Study Program is one of the most well-known and respected student aid programs in the world. It was first instituted in 1969 and has continued to serve students in need with financial aid and a sense of community. The entire purpose of the program is to help students return to school so that they can better themselves economically, socially and intellectually. It is all part of the government’s goal to bring more Australians back to school so that they can increase their employment opportunities.

With the support of Australia Work and Study, students can receive the money they need to attend school and finish up with a degree. Most students have families of their own, but this does not always stop them from attending college. It is simply not feasible for most students to go to college on their own. If they cannot afford to go to school or if they have other obligations, then going to college would not be an option. The program provides financial aid so that students who want to pursue higher education can do so. It also offers students mentoring services and academic advice.

The program has provided thousands of students with a college education. It also has given them the opportunity to find employment while they are in school. The student’s needs and wants to determine what courses they will take. The program can help students choose courses that will suit their lifestyles. Some students may want to enroll in a course that allows them to gain experience on the job; others may choose a computer-based course so that they can continue to work after they graduate.


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