Getting Your Business Degree From AUI

The Asia International University (AUI) is a leading, prestigious university that offers degrees in business, education, engineering, and engineering technology. It is one of the six universities located in Southeast Asia, the third largest region in the world. AUI is also renowned for providing education to the employees of many multinational companies. The colleges of AUI are the biggest public universities in the world, and the university has placed high on the “Best Global Universities” list in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, the latest edition of the University Rankings. In addition, the research organizations that study and rank the academic performance of the world’s best educational institutions regularly place AUI among the top global universities.

For students of the Asia International University, there are numerous degrees available for the student body to choose from. There are various campuses located in different parts of the globe. The universities offer degrees in all kinds of business. The college offers undergraduate degrees, such as accounting, management, marketing, and information technology. Those who are looking for a professional degree can also apply for associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. Those with an international business background can also have their degrees accepted by many international corporations.

Some of the courses offered by the university are business administration, business leadership, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, health care management, human resources, management, marketing, operations management, and technology management. The colleges of AUI are committed to educating students for quality management careers in their chosen fields. The college offers many online programs and correspondence programs, so students do not have to travel outside of their region to get their degrees. In addition, students who are studying at AUI may have access to lectures and tutorials via the internet, and lectures are also available over the phone and in person.


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