Is it Difficult to Study Nursing in France?

study nursing in france

Is it Difficult to Study Nursing in France?

Many people feel that it would be easier to study nursing in France, but in reality this is not true. All nursing schools in France are based on the French curriculum, which means that they too follow the same basic principles as they do in the United States. The only difference being that the instruction is of a French variety and is conducted in a classroom environment. After completing the normal course requirements in the United States, you will be required to take the “Certificate of Registration” examination and this is a French examination. This means that if you want to study nursing in France, you will be subject to one language only and one examination.

You will find that most of the French nursing schools will accept your application for study, although you may be required to submit some documentation. All such institutions will also require you to provide your passport and visa details before making any arrangements for your student visa. As you might expect, the cost of tuition for such courses is likely to be higher than in the US. You will find that most of the countries who accept international students are usually the ones that offer the lowest tuition fees, so this could be an additional expense for you. It is unlikely however that you will find a French nursing school that is cheaper than those of the United States.

When you do decide to apply for a nursing course in France, it is important to remember that the curriculum used in this country is not necessarily the same as that used in the US. In many cases, the curricula differs from country to country, and so even if your background is similar to someone who has completed a similar degree at another institution, you may be placed in a different group or discipline altogether. A word of warning, however, is that in many cases it may be necessary to pass an exam before you can start with your studies.


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