What to Expect at the Forex Education Fair

“Impact! The Forex Education Fair” by Glenn Pomerantz is a seminar to educate the general public about Forex education. It’s hosted by Mr. Pomerantz and I am glad he put together a seminar that isn’t going to be a marketing ploy for any school or course. It is informative, honest and, of course, it is educational. The forum was the opportunity for investors to ask questions and share with others.

facon education fair

The panels were very well organized with knowledgeable panelists that had spent their time in this industry. All three of the panels discussed the fundamentals of Forex trading, in terms of technical analysis. There was also an in depth discussion on what to look for when trading. The goal of the seminar was to get to the root of understanding how to gain profit. I feel that everyone in attendance was very pleased with the education provided by each panelist.

As a seminar, the “Impact! The Forex Education Fair” was very informative and educational at the same time. Although there are many foreign currency seminars in the market today, few have the credibility of the Forex Education Fair. It is a great resource and educational resource for all investors and it’s growing every year. I hope this seminar helped you learn more about Forex education and prepared you for Forex trade. The goals of the seminar were to inform, educate and gain profit!