Study and Work in Canada

Study and work in Canada are one of the most preferred options for international students who want to pursue their education in Canada. This has been because of the state of the economy of Canada. It is not only the economy of Canada that gives a lot of attractive advantages to the study and work in Canada. There are many other factors which give it the top position in the list of study and work in Canada. Among the most important factor is the friendly nature of the Canadian authorities towards foreign students studying here.

Students from all over the world come to Canada to study, or to work. As a result, Canada provides numerous job opportunities for various international students. Hence, it becomes very important for them to get enrolled in a good institution so that they can have access to these jobs. In order to make this task easier, many universities have opened branches and centers that help international students and faculty members connect with each other and to institutions that help in hiring them. Another important reason for the popularity of study and work in Canada is the housing facilities provided by the state government. Every international student and every employee of a university living in Canada will be provided with residence permits in the name of the respective university. In fact, this facility is given in order to encourage students from all over the world to study and work in Canada.

The housing provided by the government to students and employees of different institutes and schools is of two types. It is either of home-stay or boarding facilities. Both of these types provide the international students with the comfort of accommodation and with the convenience of living close to the place where they study or work. However, the availability of these facilities depend on the need of the day. In some cases, students have to get an accommodation as per the location and in other cases, the needs of the students may change. However, it is always important for the international students to apply for a residence permit before setting out for their stay in Canada.


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