Universities in Europe Teach English

universities in europe taught in english

The number of universities in Europe that offer English-taught programs is rapidly growing. In some countries, like Norway, Denmark, and Greece, European citizens can pursue a university education for free. Non-EU citizens, however, will need to pay more. Just a decade ago, there were only a handful of universities in Europe that offered English-taught courses. But, since then, the number of English-taught bachelor’s degrees has increased fifty-fold.

Although getting into an English-taught European university is difficult, it is not impossible. In fact, many universities in Europe strive to attract a diverse student body, and therefore, are a good choice for students from different backgrounds. The admission requirements are generally cheaper than those in the US, but they still require a minimum level of English proficiency. Furthermore, most European universities require students to complete four years of study, which is longer than the requirements for most US or UK universities.

Another good example of an English-taught university is the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This research-intensive university offers several degree programs in English. The tuition cost here is around EUR2,143 per year for students from the European Economic Area or the European Union. For those outside the EU, the cost is around EUR7,920.

Universities in Europe that teach English are affordable and offer an excellent education. International students can study abroad for a year or two, or study for a full degree in English. However, it is advisable to learn the native language of the country where you plan to study.