Reasons to Study in Ireland

why study in ireland

One of the best reasons to study in Ireland is the fact that the educational system is among the best in Europe. Irish students are well-rounded and have access to high-quality scientific research and education. They are also well-versed in the English language, which means that they are easily adaptable to a variety of cultures.

Ireland offers a variety of study options to suit your needs. You can study Business, IT, computer science, medicine and healthcare, and even Art and Design. This is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture. The country has a long history and is known for its warm, friendly people.

Students who graduate from an Irish university are eligible for high-level international employment opportunities. Many multinational companies have headquarters in Ireland, including Google, Apple, Dell, and Facebook. Many universities offer internship opportunities for global students. The country’s thriving economy is another reason to study in Ireland. It has the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in Europe, with over 32,000 people starting their own businesses in 2013.

Ireland is also a cheap place to study, compared to many other countries. For undergraduate courses, tuition fees can range from Euro 8000 to Euro 15000. For postgraduate studies, the tuition fee can be as low as Euro 10000. Living expenses will vary depending on the university you choose and your lifestyle, but most students spend about 850 EUR per month.


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