Study Abroad Checklist

Study Abroad Checklist

Before studying abroad, students must complete prerequisite courses or departmental requirements. They must also submit necessary paperwork. They must also apply for a study permit, if required, or receive a credit approval form from their home university. A Study Abroad Checklist can help students plan their trip and stay organized.

Pre-departure planning

A pre-departure checklist is an essential part of preparing for study abroad. For most students, this is their first time living outside of their home country and the experience can be intimidating. Even previous travellers can find it difficult to prepare for two to four years living in a different country. Fortunately, programs like Jamboree can provide students with the resources they need to get started on the right foot.

One of the most important things to do before departing is to prepare for your first 24 hours on the ground. You will need to check on whether your accommodation is covered, make arrangements for credit transfers, and organize different forms of payment. It is also important to sign a Power of Attorney and have an emergency fund in your home currency.

Packing list

There are a lot of resources available online that can help you prepare for your study abroad experience. Fortunately, these lists do not only cover the basics of packing, but also program-specific suggestions. Before you leave, be sure to ask your advisor for their advice. You may also want to consider getting a copy of the program’s Predeparture Information to assist you.

When packing, it’s crucial to remember to pack the essentials. Don’t forget to take your passport, your student visa, and any important documents that are needed for school. Also, make sure you have your accommodation details available, and fill out your landing card when you arrive.


Study abroad students are required to receive a series of vaccinations prior to leaving for a foreign country. In addition, they must receive the COVID-19 booster vaccine prior to departure. Students may be able to obtain an exemption from these requirements if they are religious or medically contraindicated, but these vaccinations are required for international travel. Vaccinations must be received at least four to six weeks before departure to prevent the risk of infection. It is also necessary to check with the host country to determine if it requires additional vaccinations.

The Office of International Programs can provide advice on what vaccinations to receive. It is important to note that vaccines should be started weeks before travel, so students should make an appointment with their Student Health office as soon as possible. In addition to the Office of International Programs, the CDC provides information about vaccine requirements for international and domestic travel.

Credit approval form

If you are planning to take elective credits while studying abroad, you will need to submit a Study abroad credit approval form. It is important to fill out this form with accurate details of the courses you will be taking. To do this, you must consult with your academic advisor and review the catalog of the host institution. Then, you must list all the courses you will be taking and their course descriptions. It is best to fill out several forms if you plan to take more than four courses. You should also list all the courses you plan on taking for the entire duration of study abroad.

After you have been accepted into a study abroad program, you can begin the process of course approval. You will meet with your academic advisor, who will review the Course Approval Form with you during your program advising appointment. Together, you and your advisor will identify which courses you will take abroad and get departmental approvals for UIC equivalent courses. You will also find out how much credit you will receive while abroad. The credits you earn will be applied toward your major or minor. They may also count toward your cumulative GPA.

Financial support proof

The university you plan to attend will require financial support proof before you can be admitted to their program. This will ensure that you have the financial resources to pay for your tuition fee, living expenses, and other costs associated with your studies. This may be in the form of a bank statement from a sponsor. It must be clear and concise, and you must make sure that it is signed by the person who is funding your studies.

Financial support proof is important for international students. You can provide bank statements, loan contracts, and other documents that prove that you are able to pay for school expenses. The Department of Immigration will also look at your employment history and where your income is coming from.


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