Study Dentistry in the UK

study dentistry in uk

If you are interested in studying dentistry in the UK, there are many different options available. Almost all dental schools are regulated by the General Dental Council and have a similar structure and content. They typically consist of lectures and exams, and a combination of practical and theoretical learning. This means you will spend a lot of time in the classroom, but you will also get lots of hands-on experience, either working in a dental surgery or learning on your own on campus.

In the UK, students typically study dentistry for five years, including a foundation year. The courses are rigorous academically and technically, and students learn about the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of oral and dental disease. The most common qualification is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, but if you want to specialise in a particular area, you can study a Master of Dental Surgery.

Students who study dentistry in the UK can expect to gain a great deal of practical experience, as well as a high salary. The UK is also renowned for its excellent education system, and its universities have a reputation for producing world leaders in different fields. UK universities are well known for their cutting-edge teaching methods, and their students can expect to learn in state-of-the-art laboratories and enjoy excellent infrastructure and facilities.

Most universities require that students take three A-levels in mathematics, chemistry, and biology to qualify. Some offer one-year pre-dental courses for students who don’t have enough A-levels.