Cheap Internships Abroad

cheap internships abroad

If you’re pursuing a career in design, you can find many cheap internships abroad. These internships typically revolve around working for a magazine or print publication. The internships often involve handling press, assisting with distribution, and organizing events. Some internships also involve collaboration with local artists and designers. These internships last anywhere from two to twelve weeks, and are perfect for students looking to expand their design skills.

Some of the most affordable internships abroad can be found with companies that focus on cultural exchange and low fees. A good example is Global Crossroads. This organization has hosted more than 18,000 travelers since 2003. They have several different programs, including a Mini-Venture, Summer Escapes, and Asian Combos.

If you’re looking for a paid internship abroad, try a photojournalism internship in Nepal. This is an ideal opportunity for budding photographers looking to make a career out of their passion. These internships involve reporting to a supervisor daily and traveling to several different locations. You’ll also get to work with conservationists and park rangers.

For architecture students, you can look into an architecture internship in Chile. This internship will allow you to work with public and private companies in the country. You’ll work on residential and commercial properties. You’ll also get to help restore some of the country’s landmark buildings. This internship is also an excellent way to get experience with international competitions.


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